The Poe’s Tavern project consisted of a complete renovation of a 6,600-square-foot former firehouse in the heart of downtown Savannah. The project was all but conventional, involving extreme spatial constraints, and no professional architect after the initial approved plans. JTVS worked directly with the owner to help with both on-site design and build, achieving a spectacular final product that was on time and on budget. The building boasts classic red-brick façades with refurbished white paint classic to Southern vernacular architecture, newly exposed interior brickwork, open floor plans, a raised deck, and the reuse of the original firehouse bay doors. Materials were salvaged not only from the site, but from another historic renovation project, and incorporated into the interior of the space. In addition, a fully extendable outdoor seating area was site-designed and built by JTVS, further highlighting the remarkable work they provided for this renovation while breathing new life into the building.